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The servers for this game shut down permanently as of June 30, 2017. As a result, this game is no longer playable

Welcome to the Deadman's Cross WikiEdit

This wiki is about Deadman's Cross, the free-to-play mobile game made by Square Enix. It's a customizable card game coupled with a gallery shooter set in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse.

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Rarity: Strain: Spawn Area: Other:
Common Rarity Burner Strain Gould Square Boneyard
Uncommon Rarity Charmer Strain Gould Square (alt) Clan
Rare Rarity Chiller Strain Clayton Cemetery Lottery
Epic Rarity Leecher Strain Tumbleweed Casino Login Bonus
Epic Plus Rarity Screamer Strain USS Claypool Job Reward
Legendary Rarity Shocker Strain Raccoon City 1st Invite-a-Friend
Virulent Border Slasher Strain ZenoTek Stadium 2nd Invite-a-Friend
Pestilent Border Spitter Strain Morris Penitentiary Job Target
Voider Strain Untradable

Important InformationEdit

How to edit a card Edit

When editing a card there is many optional variables available to use which can effect how the card page is rendered. Please see below for an explanation!

  • Max Level = xx - (Optional. The maximum level of the card that you are adding/editing, in case it's different from the default of the rarity, such as the Silver Chick).
  • Average Only = Y - (Optional. This is used for cards such as Limited Deadmen - where the type available is only Average)
  • Limited = Virulent/Pestilent - (Optional. This is used for cards achievable through the Boneyard or through the Invite-a-Friend campaign. Should be used in conjunction with the Average Only variable.)
  • Job Target = Y - (Optional. This is used for cards on which you hunt on a job. These cards typically have a green name. See the Job Targets category for a complete list!)
  • Untradable = Y - (Optional. This is used for cards which cannot be traded, such as the Gold Chick.)

Please Note Edit

This wiki is not a place for referral codes or setting up trades. Please look to one of the many community forums if you are interested in that!

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