# Cup Name Rewards
0th The Early Grave Cup Gold Chick
1st The Asura Cup Virulent AsuraPestilent Asura
2nd The Concubine Cup Virulent Yang GuifeiPestilent Yang Guifei
3rd The Corporal Cup Virulent Napoleon BonapartePestilent Napoleon Bonaparte
4th The Pluto Cup Virulent PlutoPestilent Pluto
5th The Honest Abe Cup Virulent Abraham LincolnPestilent Abraham Lincoln
6th The Black Hawk Cup Virulent Attack HelicopterPestilent Attack Helicopter
7th The Cake Eater Cup Virulent Marie AntoinettePestilent Marie Antoinette
8th The Satan Cup Virulent SatanPestilent Satan
9th The Peregrine Cup Virulent Peregrine FalconPestilent Peregrine Falcon
10th The Titan Cup Virulent TitanPestilent Titan
11th The Martyr Cup Virulent Joan of ArcPestilent Joan of Arc
12th The White Whale Cup Virulent Moby DickPestilent Moby Dick
13th The Mars Cup Virulent MarsPestilent Mars
14th The Airship Cup Virulent Abhorrent AirshipPestilent Abhorrent Airship
15th The Rubeus Cup Virulent RubeusPestilent Rubeus
16th The Djinn Cup Virulent Genie in a LampPestilent Genie in a Lamp
17th The Mongol Cup Virulent Genghis KhanPestilent Genghis Khan
18th The Kongorikishi Cup Virulent KongorikishiPestilent Kongorikishi
19th The Panther Cup Virulent Black LeopardPestilent Black Leopard
20th The Jupiter Cup Virulent JupiterPestilent Jupiter
21st The Killer Cup Virulent Boxcutter KillerPestilent Boxcutter Killer
22nd The Doomtrain Cup Virulent Doomtrain, Pestilent Doomtrain
23rd The Washington Cup Virulent George Washington, Pestilent George Washington
24th The Succubus Cup Virulent Succubus, Pestilent Succubus
25th The Neptune Cup Virulent Neptune, Pestilent Neptune
26th The Yamatano Orochi Cup Virulent Yamatano Orochi, Pestilent Yamatano Orochi
27th The Columbus Cup Virulent Christopher Columbus, Pestilent Christopher Columbus
28th The Stargazer Cup Virulent Galileo Galilei, Pestilent Galileo Galilei
29th The Durga Cup Virulent Durga, Pestilent Durga
30th The Mokele-Mbembe Cup Virulent Mokele-Mbembe, Pestilent Mokele-Mbembe
31st The Caesar Cup Virulent Julius Caesar, Pestilent Julius Caesar
32nd The Anubis Cup Virulent Anubis, Pestilent Anubis
33rd The Snow White Cup Virulent Snow White, Pestilent Snow White
34th The ICBM Cup Virulent Ballistic Missile, Pestilent Ballistic Missile
35th The Leviathan Cup Virulent Leviathan, Pestilent Leviathan
36th The Jack O' Titan Cup Virulent Jack O' Titan, Pestilent Jack O' Titan
37th The Succubus Witch Cup Virulent Succubus Witch , Pestilent Succubus Witch
38th The Submarine Cup Virulent Nuclear Submarine, Pestilent Nuclear Submarine
39th The Grim Reaper Cup Virulent Grim Reaper, Pestilent Grim Reaper
40th The Pile Banger Cup Virulent Pile Banger, Pestilent Pile Banger
41st The Alice Cup Virulent Alice, Pestilent Alice
42nd The Mafia Don Cup Virulent Mafia Don, Pestilent Mafia Don
43rd The Bad Santa Cup Virulent Bad Santa, Pestilent Bad Santa
44th The Red-nosed Minotaur Cup Virulent Red-nosed Minotaur, Pestilent Red-nosed Minotaur
45th The Mushussu Cup Virulent Mushussu, Pestilent Mushussu
46th The Jack the Ripper Cup Virulent Jack the Ripper, Pestilent Jack the Ripper
47th The Rapunzel Cup Virulent Rapunzel, Pestilent Rapunzel
48th The Battleship Yamato Cup Virulent Battleship Yamato, Pestilent Battleship Yamato
49th The Helen Cup Virulent Helen, Pestilent Helen
50th The Sunrise Leopard Cup Virulent Sunrise Leopard, Pestilent Sunrise Leopard
51st The Joan of Hearts Cup Virulent Joan of Hearts, Pestilent Joan of Hearts
52nd The Fondued Angel Cup Virulent Fondued Angel, Pestilent Fondued Angel
53rd The Cinderella Cup Virulent Cinderella, Pestilent Cinderella
54th The Lu Bu Cup Virulent Lu Bu, Pestilent Lu Bu
55th The Afflicted Cup Virulent Afflicted, Pestilent Afflicted
56th The Revenant Cup Virulent Revenant, Pestilent Revenant
57th The Ironhead Cup Virulent Ironhead, Pestilent Ironhead
58th The Gentleman Thief Cup Virulent Gentleman Thief, Pestilent Gentleman Thief
59th The Sapphiris Cup Virulent Sapphiris, Pestilent Sapphiris
60th The Gargoyle Cup Virulent Gargoyle, Pestilent Gargoyle
61st The Cleopatra Cup Virulent Cleopatra, Pestilent Cleopatra
62nd The Skin Golem Cup Virulent Skin Golem, Pestilent Skin Golem

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